Every body’s love story is different & unique and hence we believe that it should be captured uniquely.

It is because of this that we have put together a pricing guide for our couples based on our most requested services. We do however understand that each of our clients styles and needs are different and we strive fully to create a unique client experience as unique as them! If you don’t see a collection that works for you, reach out to us and we will work together to create a custom collection JUST for you!



Great Expectations!


I am so excited that you wanna learn more about me and the experience you will get while working with me. It is so important to me that you and your love feel comfortable in front my camera.

THAT is my #1 priority.

Long drawn out stiff poses are not really my thing. I don't want to match a pose off of pinterest but instead I want to capture you in your raw and authentic you-ness! ( I don't think that's a word, I may have just made it up lol) No facade, No fake stuff! Just the real love that you and your boo share! I want to capture the love in your eyes when you are looking at each other and the way you lick his nose when you think I am not looking at you. I will be there for the moments we plan and for the ones we don't.

There will be laughter, inappropriate jokes, tons of running back and forth because I love to take photos of people when they are running and also some drunk walking (don't worry I won't make you be drunk but you will find out more about it when we hang out 😉). I will make you do weird things because I love photographs that are a little out of the box and different from everything and everyone else..I hate BASIC! because my friend Britt always tell me, “Ruzin, there is nothing basic about you” lol

So if you are the kind of people that loves dancing in the rain or acting a little bit like fools in love, then you are my kind of people and I would love to hang out with you and make some magic together!


8 2.jpg

My Style!

Fun & Laid Back: I want us to laugh, dance, run and be goofy when we hang out and take pictures! I don't want you to look stiff, I want you to look and feel carefree and happy and all the good things. So we will probably end up chatting first, play some music and Then get down to business.

No Stiff & weird Poses: Let me just tell you this right away, I won’t be posing you. Instead, I am just gonna let you guys be and observe from a distance. I want you to be your comfortable self even with a camera pointed at you. I will offer you guidance and then let you do your thing. I want to capture you in your “natural habitat”.

Warm, Moody Photos: I love moody editing tones. When I see a moody photo, it gives me all the feels and the emotions. I might be biased but a picture looks a lot more emotive when it’s moody lol and if you are here then you feel the same way! I love the muted colors which is what you will see through out my website and social media. I am not about the technicolor green color of the grass! lol

Intrepid Explorer: I may not climb super high mountains with you, I may be a little out of breath on our way to that location and it may even take me 10 extra minutes on our hike, but I am always up for an adventure with you. I moved to a different country when I was 17 and I sky dove 2 months after giving birth lol so if you need me to do something completely out of my comfort zone or if you need me to accompany you to that gut wrenching exploring, I am ready to be your partner in crime!

PS. You can watch my sky diving video in my about me if you feel like it 😉



Engagements & Couples  Begins At

Engagements & Couples
Begins At

90 minutes coverage • professional image processing • flash drive of images • online gallery


Weddings & Elopements  Begins At

Weddings & Elopements
Begins At

6 hours coverage • professional image processing • flash drive of images • online gallery • complimentary engagement session


South Asian Wedding  Begins At

South Asian Wedding
Begins At

coverage • professional image processing • flash drive of images bridal session • online gallery