Magical Santa Experience

Magical • beautiful • timeless


The ultimate Santa experience

It’s the experience every child dreams of and every parent hopes for.It's so much more than just Santa photos, it's photos that your children will cherish when they grow up.

There is still one part of being a child that evokes a universal magical response - it's when a child meets santa claus! just picture this- your child sees santa, their eyes get so big and so do their smiles and they are so excited to see him and ask him for presents and about his reindeer!

imagine your child having a one on one time with santa and chat for 15 minutes in his workshop. they get to share milk and cookies and they get to read his list and find out if their names are on the nice list which they always are ;) think about how you would have felt if you had that experience. would you still remember it? bring your babies in for this magical experience and for heirloom products that will help your child remember this memory!

Ready to schedule your own time with Santa....