Woot Woot! Let’s talk about your big day! Are you vibing with me yet after everything that you have just read about me and how I work? If not, then you should go back and read everything again and maybe second time is the charm? If you are yay, I am excited to hang out with you and your boo!

Tell me all about your wedding day? Do you envision it as a celebration of your love with your friends and family then that is exactly what we are going to do. A wedding day doesn’t exactly go as planned but that doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect. That’s what I am here for. I can be whoever you want me to be, a photographer that goes with the flow, a mean cousin that can yell at your family members for you when they don’t listen or a bartender to make you something to relax your nerves, however I wouldn’t trust my bartender skills but I can definitely pour a shot or ten! lol

It doesn’t matter the kind of hiccups the day throws your way, you are not going to remember it all but what you will remember is the way the your boo looked at you when he saw you for the first time in your dress, and your last kiss of the night while slow dancing to YOUR song and all the in between moments because that is what I will be there for, to capture all your beautiful memories for you to look back on after the whirlwind of a day you would have had! So don’t worry about your hair or your dress and party on! And it’s okay if you are not going exactly according to the timeline, no one will remember all those details but what they will remember is what an amazing time they had and how gorgeous you looked regardless! So take your hair down and drag that dress everywhere girl because that can be cleaned but the moments can’t be returned and if it doesn’t get all the way clean..Well that’s what Trash the Dress sessions are for!

Wedding collections start at

Local to Georgia~ $1800
everywhere else in the US ~ $3200
(Includes Travel)
Destination wedding ~ write me for more info!

Are you ready to take the next step with your professional third wheel, then what you waiting for? Click on the button!

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