Just like anybody else, I have a variety of guilty pleasures like watching too many reruns of supernatural, hoarding cookies for midnight snacks and eating wayyy too many Christmas tree cakes and all the unhealthy things one shouldn’t but I mean what is life without midnight snacks.. I also firmly believe that life is way too short to fold all your laundry. And although I try to deny it, I am a hopeless romantic & love me a romantic scene. That's probably why I love weddings so much!

In my twenties, I had this fantasy of living in a city like London or Paris, just hanging out at a cute little cafe sitting under one of those cute umbrellas and drinking fancy coffee or wine! Now in my thirties, I just dream about sitting on my couch and binge-watching FRIENDS all day and maybe drinking cheap beer lol! But I would much rather be sitting with you in a cozy cafe stuffing my face with a delicious cinnamon roll while we get to know each other better (Click here to set that up), I am a Libra though, super indecisive, so don't ask me to pick a place otherwise we may never meet lol I am also an introvert & super awkward with small talk. So if you are like me, I suggest we meet for chai/tea because tea makes things less awkward. For now, here is a peek of the girl behind the camera!

Born and raised in India, I call Georgia my home where my life is filled with madness, a “full-er” house (3 dogs, 1 kid, and the husband) and lots of loudness & laughter but I am constantly dreaming about rolling hills and snowy mountains (wink wink* Scotland and Ireland)!

It's me ruzin

About Me

hey friend

(pronounced as R-oo-z-ee-n)

Let's have some tea because tea makes things less awkward - there are things to hold and such!

Not only am I a photographer but I am also a storyteller! Because of my experiences, I see the world differently & my experiences are too big for words that could describe them. I bring my experiences from being a daughter, wife, mother, traveller etc & create art for people. Photographing people in love sets my soul on fire. So emotionally, I’m invested in your love. I want to tell your story through my photos. And the fact that no else has been in my shoes, I see the world through eyes that no one else has. That’s what makes me  different. 

I want to capture all your in-between moments, those are my favorite, the way you guys sneak looks and steal kisses. I don’t want to be just another person who shows up and waves a black box in your face. I want you to like me and I damn want to make sure you are comfortable. I want your photos to represent your effortless connection, the closeness with your person, and all the other things that make you guys YOU! I am inspired by your love and I want to capture YOUR raw and real story. So if you are down to have a professional third wheel, then drop me a line, and let’s make something beautiful together. And if you love Harry Potter, well then that’s a bonus!

You deserve more than some cookie cutter wedding photos!

I have always been creative since the day I could hold a chalk in my hands (yes, chalk!! That’s what we used to learn to write in India back in the day lol) so it was a no-brainer when I found photography. As a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was passing my time flipping through old photo books of birthdays, vacations and other memories we created with extended family I am super close with . I’d take those books filled with old images lines in cellophane out of the drawers of my old closet and make myself comfortable on my childhood bed. My brother & I would sit there, reminisce, laugh & bring those photos to life through the memories. Relationships are the most important things to me. The love & the memories we share with people are worth documenting. Your wild, messy & imperfect love deserves to be documented. Perfection is boring, there is beauty in blurriness & messy tears. I don't want you to worry about the weather or the timeline or that you will ruin your makeup if you shed a tear or two. Let's capture the moments for how they truly are, moments that need no words. 

I want to capture the moments that when you look at your photos, all of the feels come back with them. The photo of your mom smiling proudly as she sees you in your dress for the first time, the photo of your dad with a tear rolling down his cheek as he gives you away, of your boo nervously playing with his/her hands right before they are about to see you for the first time & the exchanged smiles and celebrations after being pronounced married. I want to celebrate the love, laughter & the realness of your story. I will always encourage you to be COMPLETELY YOU no matter what that looks like. 

my why

Every couple I have ever photographed has said these things. Being photographed is uncomfortable, for me as well. Don't worry, I gotchu though!! I want to be your friend & get to know you so that when we finally hang out, you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

You will cuddle a lot, frolic around, say inappropriate things to each other that make you laugh your butt off, spin until you are dizzy & be your weird goofy selves. My #1 PRIORITY is that you and your boo feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am not here to change who you are. I don’t want to match an awkward pose off of Pinterest, what I want is for your personality to shine through your images. I have learned that every couple already knows how to pose. You have already found the nooks on each other's bodies where you naturally fall into when you hug or snuggle, you have a certain way you lean into each other when you sit and a particular way you hold hands & connect with each other in your own way. I pay attention to your favorite way of interacting with each other & I rely on your natural chemistry that lets me pose you guys genuinely. Each couple is different and I want to show that. There is something so beautiful about the way you hold each other’s hands, the way you make each other laugh and how your boo looks at you. I want to capture those beautiful somethings. I want to capture the butterflies & the sparks. I want to be there for all those somethings; planned, unplanned and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! I AM HERE TO TELL THE WORLD HOW MADLY IN LOVE YOU ARE, AND ALL THE SPECIAL MOMENTS THAT GOT YOU THERE.

"My fiance hates taking photos!

We are so awkward in photos!

What do we do with our hands?

I am afraid I won't look good in photos."

Does this sound like you?

believe me, All of these couples said those things as well...SERIOUSLY!!!


+ Georgia traffic
+ Black Coffee
+ Snakes
+ Sushi
+ Humidity
+ beyonce's music (don't @ me)

+ Chai
+ Snow (the white mushy stuff as well as the song by RHCP)
+ hat appreciator 
+ Yosemite
+ BBQ food



+ mustard & Mayo
+ Pumpkin Anything
+ Doing Dishes 

+ plants
+ Iceland & Scotland - 2 of my fav places
+ RAINy weather
+ lorelai in the gilmore girls quiz 
+ RAMEN & ROAD TRIPS with friends



Photograph a Destination Wedding. 
Visit all National Parks
Scuba Dive



Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Own a VW Bus
Go Skydiving 



Travel Everywhere
Photograph an elopement in Antarctica.
Live in Paris for 6 months.



Get a tattoo Sleeve
See the Northern Lights
Go to Santa's Village in Finland



Quick facts about me!





+ introverted & super awkward with small talk

+ I firmly believe that life is too short to fold all the laundry.




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