I wanna make sure we are on the same page & there is some stuff I want you to know. 

Pop some champagne & let's celebrate you!

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Every lovestory is unique - whether you are high school sweethearts or you met on bumble last year, it is YOUR story and I want to capture the magic of it. 

I am so freakin excited that you are here!

I am so excited that you are here and that you want to know more about me and the experience you will get while working with me. What I am about to say to you, chances are you have already heard those exact words on other photographers’ sites you just scrolled through and chances are that if you are reading this you also very much want me to be your photographer and your moment capturing best friend & third wheel. 

I don’t want to convince you to believe that my photos of you will evoke emotion and make you cry and blah blah…I can say all of the big words that sound pretty and awes you but that’s not me. I want you to feel them for yourself! The thing is anyone can take a pretty picture but not everyone can give them the ability to come alive ….. not everyone can give you a photo that when you look at it, you can feel it and relive it and it sets your soul on fire, gives you that feeling of the first time you told your person you loved them, like you can almost hear the laughter through the photos and reminds you of the way your heart beats fast when your person looks at you. I want you to see my work and be obsessed with it and keep coming back because it makes you feel something!

Working with me will look something like running a lot all over the place, spinning till it makes you dizzy, whispering somewhat inappropriate stuff to make each other belly laughing till your stomach hurts and just being your wild, goofy, imperfect self! My #1 PRIORITY is that you and your boo feel comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t want to match an awkward pose off of Pinterest but I want to capture you in your most “You-ness”. I rely on your natural chemistry that lets me pose you guys genuinely. Each couple is different and I want to show that. There is something so beautiful about the way you hold each other’s hands, the way you make each other laugh and how your boo looks at you. I want to capture those beautiful somethings. I want to capture the butterflies & the sparks. I want to be there for all those somethings; planned, unplanned and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! I AM HERE TO TELL THE WORLD HOW MADLY IN LOVE YOU ARE, AND ALL THE SPECIAL MOMENTS THAT GOT YOU THERE.

Wedding days go by too fast and you are rarely able to stop, slow down and appreciate the details that compose your day and realize just how surrounded by magic and love you truly are: the moment you step into your dress, the anticipation you feel right before seeing each other, the sparkle in your love's eye when he sees you walking down the aisle, the butterflies in your belly right before your first kiss and knowing that in just a matter of minutes you will be husband & wife. I want to capture all that magic for you! I want to give you more than photos. I want to do more than just sneak you away for 5 minutes & pose you for photos. I want to give you time to stop breathe and take it all in and appreciate your time with each other and your wedding day. Trust me when I say, it goes by too too fast. I want to give you moments. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get those romantic bridal photos that make you look like you should be in a magazine but I want prioritize those once in a lifetime moments …the one’s that you forgot about in the blur of a day and the moments you never want to forget so that so that when you look at these amazing photos 25 or 50 years down the line, you can remember how happy you were when you made your vows to each other. You will be able to relive all the moments and feel the butterflies come alive again!

You don't have to have the most pinteresty wedding for me to want to be your photographer. You do have to be willing to go with the flow because weddings never go exactly how you want them to but that doesn't mean they can't be perfect. Because I want to make it perfect for you and I want to make it fun for you, give you a one of a kind experience! So if you are looking for a photographer who just views you as a date on the calendar, someone who sets up a tripod and starts shooting or if you are just shopping around and looking for someone that doesn't “charge an arm and a leg", then I am not the gal for you (however I don’t accept arms and legs as payments either lol). And that's okay! I want you to find the perfect person for you, the one you can have fun with. I want to be more than someone you just hired, I want to be your friend, I want you to tell me about your love story, about your future plans and your vision for your wedding or elopement. By getting to know you, making you two feel cared for from start to finish, will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and get those genuine emotions because YOU DESERVE AN AUTHENTIC WEDDING DAY! If you hire me, you aren't just investing in a service, you are investing in the human behind it, you are putting all your trust in me and inviting me into your life to celebrate your biggest day and that is freakin HUGE! So get to know the person behind the business name whoever that may be. If you invest in me, I promise I will invest in you! 

This is me, the girl behind the camera. I am an introvert. I am super awkward with small talk and hate talking on the phone. Although I dry to deny it, I am a hopeless romantic and love me a good romantic scene. That’s probably why I love weddings so much. And just like a through and through Libra, I am indecisive as hell so don’t ask me to pick a restaurant (my husband hates me for this). So basically what I am saying is, let’s get to know each other. Let’s go out and share a couple beers or coffees and some laughs before anything else. If you love to laugh, are sarcastic as hell, enjoy inappropriate jokes because I make a lot of them, are not afraid to let loose and be weird, value good photography and trust me completely to deliver them beautiful moments from their beautiful day then we will instantly be bffs. And you also must love F.R.I.E.N.D.S so I can send you GIFs but don’t worry if you don’t either coz I am sure we will find something else in common to gif-sess about (see what I did there lol). So ditch the pinterest perfect and someone else’s expectation of YOUR day! Let’s be real! Be yourself! Bold, beautiful, imperfect, weird & wildly in love. And let's make photos that feel like you!

My Why?!

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This is where the magic happens. I hope you have already read "my Why" and everything and you are ready to take our relationship to the next level! I want to make my booking process as easy as possible for you.. 

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5. Once I receive the signed contract and the retainer, you will officially be on my calendar
6. We can start dreaming up your wedding day and how I can serve you to make it as stress free as possible. 

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