I wanna make sure we are on the same page & there is some stuff I want you to know.  I wanna double check that you real ALL ABOUT ME and all the things you can expect while WORKING WITH ME

Pop some champagne & let's celebrate you!

but first

I know I gave you a lot of information, and chances are you have already heard those exact words on other photographers’ sites you just scrolled through and chances are that if you are reading this you also very much want me to be your photographer and your moment capturing best friend.

I am so freakin excited that you are here!

You ready for it?!

This is where the magic happens. I hope you have already read "my Why" and everything and you are ready to take our relationship to the next level! I want to make my booking process as easy as possible for you.. 

1. Fill out the form
2. Once submitted, ill write back within 24 hours with goodies
3. We will talk on phone if you want to or just email.
4. I will send you your contract & invoice
5. Once I receive the signed contract and the retainer, you will officially be on my calendar
6. We can start dreaming up your wedding day and how I can serve you to make it as stress free as possible. 

But wait! I have some questions

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I photograph love stories in every corner of this earth...take me with you! 

To find out where I am headed next and how to book me, check out my travel page..

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*book me in any of these locations during a time that I'm already there, and you'll have NO travel fees* 

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