I asked my dog to describe in three words and he said;
"Woof, Woof, Woof". 
I don't know what he said but I think it means

Moody.. Messy.. Mandrakes...

And if you got the last part, then we are made for each other 😉 


Just your average, foul-mouthed muggle

In a sea of familiar wedding images, I hope you see something different, something that makes you go “yup she is the one!” The “one” for the adventurers but also for those that are perfectly happy sitting on the couch and binge watching FRIENDS for the 41st time or play video games, for those that don’t mind running through heavy desert winds and eating a lot of sand in the process, for those that are okay with walking in light rain and then throwing away the umbrella to dance in it when it pours, for the ones that want to go chase the waterfalls and for those that love hanging out at Waffle House!

I want to focus on the electricity between you & your person, your closeness and your story as it unfolds. I want to capture your silly in-between moments and your fierce love!


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