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As much as I love shooting big weddings, Elopements have taken a special place in my heart because they are personal, stress free and adventurous. Seeing two people commit their loves to each other in a place and a way that truly reflects them is one of my favorite thing. So if you are thinking of ditching the traditional wedding & celebrating your love on your own terms with the one person or people that are the closest to you then you deserve an experience that is unique to you, one that's completely yours & packed with everything that is most meaningful & closest to your heart, one that truly represents your values & is a mirror to who you are as a couple. And whatever that may be for you, let me be your part of it & help you dream up the perfect adventure. I will help you find the perfect place for you to elope and I will even make your flowers if need be. Rain or Shine, I will be there with you and document your day like it’s nobody’s business.

Imagine you & you boo on at the edge of a cliff watching the sun come up & drenching you in it's golden light or under a huge waterfall feeling the little drizzles of water being carried over by the gushes of wind, sharing your vows with each other & 5 or even 10 of your closest family members with nothing else or no one around & just the sound of the roaring waterfall If you are craving a wedding day that is solely focused on you and your commitment to one another, then Elopement is the right decision for you.  Elopements are small and intentional wedding experiences where the main focus of the day is you, the couple and the love you share for each other.

Why Elopements?  

Get my ultimate elopement planning checklist here!

you deserve to get married in a way & a place that sets your soul on fire!!


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You must be wondering what the heck is adventure-ish? 

Well, let me ask you this, do you want those epic photos with gorgeous landscapes in the background or on a mountain top but don’t want to hike several miles to get to them? That's okay because I love short hikes that get us to amazing views. And even though I love several mile hikes, and even though it will probably take me longer than it should to get there lol. I would love to do that as well. So let me find you the perfect places that only requires an adventure-ish spirit. And at the end of the day, all that matters is that your feet are dirty, your hair is messy and your eyes sparkling and you have had one rad adventure.

But even if you are the more adventurous type and want to hike to those places, don’t worry I am in for those too and we will find amazing locations for those as well. Just promise, you won’t leave me behind and won’t judge my heavy breathing because after all I am only 5 ft and have tiny legs and I can’t go so fast. I may even take more water breaks than you. 

What does Adventure-ish mean?

for those who are

Why Me?

I loved exploring & adventuring even when I was a little girl. Getting lost didn't scare me & I loved taking the road that nobody ever took & finding out where it led. The thought of going somewhere new didn't really scare me. That was why I moved out to a different city at 14 to get a better education & came to the States at 17 BY MYSELF. So it was not a surprise that I loved combining that along with wedding photography & photographing couples that loved to travel & explore new places & breaking tradition doesn't scare them. I encourage barefeet in water or sand, I like brides who aren't worried about getting their dress dirty and couples who love to frolic and aren't stressing about looking perfect because perfection is boring. I want you to embrace the messy & imperfect. I want you to have an experience that is as wild & chaotic as you are! 

I believe in having fun and being the best YOU, you can be! Maybe that means being windswept or getting drenched by the rain. Maybe that means rolling around in the sand or hiking a couple of miles. Maybe that means sitting on the couch playing video games or eating burgers at your fast food place. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, THAT is what I want to photograph! I am not asking you to get married on top of a cliff in Ireland but hey I am down for it if you want to. I am also not here to mold you into some type of aesthetic for my instagram. I am here to tell your story the way it is and if that means getting married in your favorite park or your backyard, I am here for it! I am here to allow you the freedom of having your wedding how you want it & to give you an excuse to be selfish because you DESERVE a wedding day that is authentic to you! I want to make this day as stress-free for you as possible. So let’s swim in the sea (well not too deep because I can’t really swim lol), go on a road trip and get lost in paradise. All you need is an urge for adventure and a couple of hours for me to get places because like I mentioned earlier - short legs and all ;) 

are you ready to be bold & raise a few eyebrows?

───  I want to be your BFF, your adventure buddy & your planner

the latest in elopement planning

Need more convincing?

It's your wedding day, the day you have been planning for over a year. You are so excited but also there is so much going on & so much on your mind,  Did you get the hotel bookings? Did you remember to pack your jewelry, shoes; what about your babe's clothes? Did you remember to write your vows? One of the vendors is late & the hair & makeup is running later than you had expected. You are stressed about the timeline because there isn't a lot of time left for the family photos. Will your family be on time? You have your first look but aren't really able to feel the moment & get your jitters out ALONE because EVERYONE is secretly creeping on you from a window. AND you have to rush to be at the next thing.

You take your family photos which take about an hour and the bridal party photos & couples photos which take another hour. You didn't have enough time in your cocktail hour to say hello to all your guests. There is so much for you to handle as a bride & its STRESSING YOU OUT!! 

But none of that actually matters because what matters is the actual beautiful moments with your friends & family, the moment you say your vows, your first kiss, dancing with your parent & all the memories you are making but you are barely able to enjoy it in the midst of all the stressing. 

You didn't have to wake up 6 hours early to get your hair & makeup done for your entire bridal party. And you woke up next to your partner at an airbnb. You get dressed in different rooms. You have your first look & get to just BE in the moment, the moment where you see each other for the FIRST TIME in your wedding outfits. You feel all the freel & maybe you tear up a bit at the intensity of this moment. There is no rush, you take your time to just enjoy this moment with each other.

You get in the car & head to the trailhead or wherever you have decided to get married. You put on your hiking boots & start walking to your spot holding each other's hands.. You talk about everything, your life, your wedding day, you joke & you laugh until your belly hurts. 

You reach your destination and YOU GET MARRIED!! You say your vows & hearing your partner's vows make you cry like you wouldn't in front of anyone! You take your time to just be in the moment, feel the meaning in every moment & stare into your partner's eyes. You hug & melt into each other & you stay there for a while because you feel truly comfortable and because you have all the time in the world. You aren't on a strict timeline & no traditions you are supposed to uphold. 
There is no stress. no rush or a list of things you are supposed to do. 
Just you & your love! & maybe 5 of your closest peeps!

Does that sound like your kind of day?

Let's break tradition together!

Just Imagine this...


How does it all work?

Planning an elopement isn't as extensive as planning a wedding but there are still some things you would need to take care of beforehand. Which is why I will be with you through the whole process. I will provide you with resources & help you make a timeline, so you can stay focused on what's really important, each other!

You will fill out my contact form & tell me all about your dream elopement. We would get on the phone and talk more about your vision. I'll also answer any question you may have about the process.

Once you decide that I am your gal, I will send over a contract & an invoice for a 50% retainer. Once you sign it and pay the retainer, I will officially put you on my calendar & we start dreaming up the plans for your elopement.

We will start planning your day. My services also include location research, vendor referrals, timeline preparation & many more planning resources.

We will get you married! It will be everything you have dreamed of & you will have the best day EVER! I will document it all. 

You will get your gallery and will be able to relive your elopement day all over again. You will love me forever lol






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Elopements & intimate weddings - $2500

adventure sessions - $650

Destination weddings - prices vary on locations. Email me to chat more!

Looking for florals & Officiant too? We can help you create a bouquet of your dreams. Prices start at $300 when added to a photography package & $400 for Officiant Services!

The difference between an elopement & and adventure elopement is that an adventure elopement includes some kind of a longer hike or an epic adventure to get to your location of choice. 

All my packages include photography coverage, location scouting, vendor research & recommendations, timeline planning & all your images on an online gallery.

all packages have the option to include any floral product through our florist. 

of course! I can suggest locations and help you find the perfect spot for your dream elopement as well as location scout for you. 

I suggest a minimum of four hours but it also depends on all the things you want to do on your elopement day! Longer hikes may REQUIRE more time. 

I also suggest 4 hours because even though it's an elopement, you still want to take a couple getting ready photos & maybe do a first look. 

My packages start at 4 hours & any time below that sometimes can make you feel rushed and does not allow the time to connect and enjoy the moment together and I want to be there for you from start to finish to capture all your beautiful memories. 

Yes of course! Your elopement doesn't need to be just the two of you. You can invite your closest friends & family to celebrate with you. 

Here is a blog post that describes better all the possibilities of eloping with friends & family!

It's your day to celebrate it however you like and whatever makes it personal to you. You can set up a dinner for two at your airbnb or at a nearby restaurant or you can set up an experience such as go on a hike or a helicopter ride. The possibilities are endless & I can help you plan something as well. 

Start by sitting down with your fiance & envision what you want your day to look like. Once you reach out to me, we will chat more and start dreaming up your elopement. My planning assistance doesn't really start until you officially book me and you can do that anywhere from 7 days to 1 year in advance but the earlier you book me, the better my chances are of being available for your date. 

Heck yea! I love it when couples bring their furry friends so they can be a part of your day! Just be sure to bring a friend to watch your pups for the times you may not need them for photos and stuff. 

Also, be sure to double check with your elopement location to make sure pets are allowed because there are some parks that don't allow them. 

Not unless you want to. There are plenty of spots where you can drive up or get there by a super short walk. 

Honestly, you can wear whatever you like. If you don't want to wear a white dress or a tux, you can wear another color dress and some nice slacks and shirts. Just be sure the colors of your outfit doesn't clash with your location and if you are planning to hike with your dress, be sure to get one that will let you move freely and not constrict you!

Chances are your dress will definitely get dirty or wet but that doesn't mean it's completely ruined. It's good to go into your elopement knowing that your dress will probably get dirty but you will have epic photos from the day!

I can help suggest best vendors, hotels, airbnbs as well as things to do & see while you are traveling! 

Depending on the state, you would need an officiant & two witnesses. I can recommend some officiants for you or you can hire the one on my team & be your witness if you'd like me to be. 

Another option is to sign your paperwork at the courthouse & have a symbolic ceremony at your location. You can also ask a friend or a family member to get ordained & have them perform your ceremony if you were planning to invite people.