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Engagements & Couples


 Huzzah girl, you are engaged!! Let’s celebrate this by taking some pictures because I mean why not! Who doesn’t love a chance to get all dressed up and get their hair and make up done and frolic in a field or wherever you feel like frolicking. I know I enjoy taking engagement photos so much, seeing newly engaged couples celebrate their love with me and enjoy their time with each other and making memories to share with their friends and family.

Your engagement pictures are going to be your chance to hang out with me and see and experience how I work. You have already read everything about that, I know, but let me tell you one more time. I love moments as they happen. I am not going copy a pose off of pinterest because chances are it wouldn’t look real to you and your person. Someone once told me, if it feels awkward, it looks awkward. But instead we are going to move a little and dance a little. Couples always tell me they don’t know how to pose and that they are awkward in front of them camera, well let me tell you this! It is my job to make sure you look perfect, all you have to do is show up and be your true self! If you can do that for me then I can promise you amazing pictures that makes you look like you are a pro! Are you ready to have fun with me and play a little bit of funky music? Then let’s do this

Engagement & Couples Session start at

Local to Georgia ~ $450 
everywhere else ~ $1200

Let’s chat and make all the fun times happen!