hey this is me!

All Panic & No Disco!


Born and raised in India, I call Georgia my home where my life is filled with madness, a “full-er” house (3 dogs, 1 kid and the husband) and lots of laughter but I am constantly dreaming about rolling hills and snowy mountains (wink wink* Scotland and Ireland)! In my twenties, I had this fantasy of living in a city like London or Paris, just hanging out at a cute little cafe sitting under one of those cute umbrellas and drinking fancy coffee! Now in my thirties, I just dream about sitting on my couch all day and watching funny videos, my current favs are wasabi baby and dad throws the milkshake.

Things I love: everything Harry Potter, FRIENDS references (how you doin), tiny Scottish towns, Cliffs tops even though they scare the crap out of me and couples who trust me and are down for whatever!

When it comes to photography, my style is to capture the moments as they comes by. My work is less about technicality and more about the love and the raw in-between moments. I want your photos to represent you, your quirkiness and your authentic belly laughs. So if you are down to embracing your weirdness, drop me a line and I will show you a bit of my quirk too. And if you love Harry Potter, well that’s a bonus


The Cunninghams

EST. 2014