My Why!

are you ready? coz this may get a little long! But if you make it through give yourself a treat and then let’s me bffs. 

I am so excited that you are excited to learn more about me and the experience you will get while working with me. It is so important to me that you and your love feel comfortable in front of my camera.
THAT is my #1 priority.
Long drawn out stiff poses are not really my thing, I don’t want to match a pose off of pinterest but instead I want to capture you as you in your natural way. I want to capture the love in your eyes when you are looking at each other and the way you lick his nose when you think I am not looking. I'll be there for the moments we plan and for the ones we don't.

Something you need to know before you commit to this thang with me: Even though I love adventure, I am not just for the adventurous. You don’t have to eloping in a different country or fly me across the world for me to be excited about photographing your wedding. I will be just as happy and shed just as many tears in your backyard wedding as I would if you were eloping in the Scottish Highlands. I want to give you more than just photos. We will definitely get the traditional wedding photos but ultimately that day is a celebration of your love. I want to do more than sneak off for 5 minutes for bridal portraits, I want to take you away and allow you to take a step back, breath and soak in everything about your day because it goes by more quickly than you realize. I want to give you moments..the moments you forgot about and the moments you never want to forget. And that’s why I am here really…so that when you wake up the next day and realize that everything was a blur you will have all these amazing photos to look at and relive the moments and feel all the feels.

My ideal client doesn’t just fit in a certain box. They don’t have to have the most pinteresty wedding for me to want to be their photographer. They do have to be kind and willing to go with the flow because weddings never go exactly how you want them to go but that doesn’t mean they can’t be perfect. I want to give you a one of a kind experience. So if you are just shopping around for the deal of the century or getting a photographer is just a thing you are ticking off of your wedding to-do list to get it out of the way, then we are not a good match. And that’s okay! I want you to find the perfect person for you, the one you can have fun with. I want you to have fun at your wedding but at the same time I want to have fun as well because I want to be more than someone you just hired, I want to be your friend. If you hire me, you aren’t just investing in a service, you are investing in the human behind it, you are putting all your trust in me and inviting me into your life to celebrate your biggest day and that is freakin HUGE! So get to know the person behind the business name whoever that may be, Let’s be FRIENDS!

Basically what I am trying to say is, let’s get to know each other. Let’s go out on a date and share a couple beers or couple coffees and some laughs before we talk about the boring logistics. My dream client is the one who is easy going, love to laugh at themselves, enjoy inappropriate jokes because I make a lot of them, are not afraid to let loose and be quirky, value good photography and trust me completely to deliver them beautiful moments from their beautiful day. So ditch the pinterest perfect. Let’s be real! No fake shit!! Be yourself! Beautiful & quirky. And let’s make photos that feel like you!

Girl Let’s Hang!!!

It’s Coffee O’Clock Somewhere