Maliha + Samir {Arabia Mountain, Lithonia}

March 12, 2018


Last weekend was the best! I got to photograph my first Indian wedding of the year and an amazing sunrise engagement session at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Georgia and even though after the weekend I felt like I got hit bit a bus and had only slept 3 hours each both days, it was totally worth it. I guess I just can’t do it like I used to in my 20s any longer. I turn 30 this year but I already feel like my body is there, it’s turned 40 like 5 years ago haha

So anyways, getting back to the point and this gorgeous engagement session.. this beautiful couple that I was photographing is having their Bosnian wedding in some months and while we were there walking to our spots they were telling me about the little traditions that they have to do on their wedding day like the groom has to go to the bride’s house and give her family some money as he is taking her away from them which I thought was kind of cool. We have similar traditions like that in India as well which I can bore y’all with later. For now check out these photos
















Xoxo,          Ruzin

  1. That warmth from the sun is so gorgeous! What a fun couple!

  2. Sarah Funk says:

    Gahhhhhh these are so good. I love the happy that you captured here. I sure hope they booked you as their Atlanta Wedding photographer as well!

  3. Kathryn Kim says:

    I loove her dress and all that amazing sunflare! Beautiful session and you are clearly a talented Georgia engagement photographer!

  4. kalpna kapoor says:

    These are beautiful images. Love how comfortable they are in this session. You did an amazing job capturing there memories Atlanta Wedding photographer!

  5. Hayley Luckadoo says:

    These are beautiful! The way you captured that sunlight is incredible, and they’re lucky to have such great images and such a great wedding photographer!

  6. Whitney Baur says:

    So many great poses and natural reactions! Also, the light for this session was bonkers! Gorgeous!

  7. Kara Ardron says:

    You are such a good Georgia photographer! Love their outfits and how natural they are in front of the camera!

  8. Alyssa Reinhold says:

    Love this session so much!! These are such amazing Georgia engagement photos!! I love the authenticity and emotion.

  9. Mark Englund says:

    Super pretty session!!

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