Lisa + Seth {Cloundland Canyon}

October 9, 2018


I met Lisa and Seth earlier this year when they were looking for a wedding photographer because for some unfortunate reason they were having a hard time find a photographer which turned out great for me because I was able to hang out and spend some time with this fun couple. Over the next couple months, we talked about where we would wanna do the engagement session and I mentioned Cloudland Canyon as an idea to which Lisa mentioned that they love that place and where she first thought that that was the place where Seth was gonna propose. So we thought this was the perfect place to do their photos.

The day before the session, I had posted in a photography group about tips and advice I need to know to hike down to the gorgeous waterfall and few other photographers who had been there mentioned that they had seen several rattlesnakes there and to watch where you step. I was totally freaked out over that and stressed all day and night long. When I got there, I mentioned to Lisa and Seth that some people have told me about the snakes that had been sighted, to which they very nonchalantly mentioned that they knew about that and they had seen one the last time they were here. And then I freaked out even more haha. I was also told that another tog friend of mine had seen one slitherin (see what I did there my HP fans *wink*) to the water as she was taking some water photos, I was so terrified that while one of my eyes were on my camera and couple, the other one was in the water trying to make sure I don’t get bit and I jumped every time something touched my feet haha. To make matters worse, my babysitter had fell through that day and so I had to take my 4 year old with me for the esesh and I was constantly worried about her touching stuff and stepping on rocks that move but luckily no snakes were sighted that day and we were able to get some gorgeous photos. Turns out my 4 year old is a better hiker than I am and climbed like a 101 steps to and from the waterfall like a champ whereas I was dying 😂. Check out the photos ❤️









Xoxo,          Ruzin

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