Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do from Home

May 15, 2020

Your wedding day is coming up faster than you had thought but the Covid19 crisis has brought your wedding plans to a screeching halt. The good thing is that we live in a digital age where there are things you can get done from the comfort of your couch. Here are some things you can do while you are spending your entire day inside with your boo!
  1. Find your perfect wedding venue
    Choosing a wedding venue is a big deal but right now you can’t really go anywhere. Not to worry though because most venues are offering virtual venue visits. So google up some of your favorite places and get in touch with them and see if you can set up a virtual tour. A while back I wrote a post about how to find your perfect venue which also includes a wedding venue spreadsheet and you can find it here


  2. Research & Contact vendors
    You can still research for your vendors and online search process will remain the same except that some businesses maybe closed as they are not considered essential for eg. Caterers or Bakers. As a result, you may not be able to go to tastings, but you can still check out their websites and read reviews.  You won’t be able to meet with them in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test out their services. Ask if potential caterers offer non-contact takeout or delivery so that you can taste test their food. Request demo reels and mixes from DJs, bands, and ceremony musicians. Set up FaceTime or phone meetings with other potential vendors such as photographers, videographers, planners & florists so you can discuss their services and your vision for your wedding. 


  3. Create or update your wedding website
    In current circumstances, having a wedding website is super important. Not only is it filled with helpful information like your registry and the RSVP tool but it is where you can keep your family and friends updated with information regarding all your plans and changes if any occur. Updating your wedding website allows you to keep your guests informed all at once rather than sending out mass texts and emails. here are some really beautiful, free templates out there for you to take advantage of! Some of the websites where you can do this are MintedWix and Zola.


  4. Create your wedding registry
    Since we are not able to go to the stores right now, you can’t make your registry and I know that sucks because the little scanning gun thingy is so much fun. But even if the stores were open, me personally, I still prefer to do things sitting on my couch just because I can. So just do your registry online as well and your guests will appreciate shopping online and shipping it you directly! 

    This down time if perfect for you to take a look around your house and see what space needs updating so that you can add that stuff to your registry. 


  5. DIY something
    If you are like me, you love DIY and you have a TON of stuff saved on your phone and Pinterest and every where else with pictures of things you want to make. Right now is the perfect time to do that. Even if you aren’t the most DIY savvy, there is still a little something you can do to put a personal touch to your wedding. There are even some online class sites, like Brit + Co that are offering classes for free during the COVID-19 quarantine. So hop on Pinterest & get to Diy-ing. 


  6. Order suits & tuxes
    You don’t even need to go out to rent tuxes and suits, you can do that straight from your home. Stores like Generation Tux & Men’s Wearhouse  are some of the ones when that offer this service. And the best thing about Men’s Wearhouse is that you don’t have to rush to the store the next day to drop off of your tux to avoid fees. They give you couple days to mail the tux back to them and they even send you the return label. 


  7. Order & write thank you notes
    I know this isn’t exactly a wedding planning task but while you are home why not get that out of the way. You will have so much going on in the months leading up to your wedding that you may not have time to write and send those cards. This gives you a perfect opportunity to get them done so that all you have to later on is put them in the mail. 


  8. Make your reception playlist
    Your DJ will likely ask you to make a playlist of the songs that you do and don’t want at your wedding. Why not go ahead and start a reception playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and while you are at it, go ahead and do that for your ceremony and processional as well as the formal dances songs too. Oh and don’t forget to add a line dance here and there for your reception coz even my 6 year old loves to Cupid Shuffle. 


  9. Work on your vows
    A lot of times couples get so busy in other things, that they forget to write their vows until the day or the night before or they just keep waiting for inspiration to strike to write something beautiful and get nervous that it won’t be good enough that they don’t get it done. Right now is the perfect time to sit down and think about your love & your relationship and write those beautiful vows. 

    Pro Tip: I think it doesn’t look good in your wedding photos when you are holding a cell phone and reading your vows from it. So if you think a piece of paper isn’t really what you want, then you can order some cute vow books from Etsy. They are super inexpensive and gives a special touch to your ceremony as well allows you to keep them forever. Here are some my favorite ones : 12, & 3.


  10. Connect with each other
    And lastly, spend some quality time with each other. Plan out some activities you can do at home such as board games, watching movies, having a dinner date in your kitchen all dressed up. Use this time to also talk about your wedding, your relationship, your dreams and goals as a couple.

We hope that some of these tasks will give you something to do while you are at home and get a jump start on some of your wedding plans. 


Xoxo,          Ruzin

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