Planning a Wedding in Lake Como: 2024 Guide

July 1, 2024

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, that likely means that you’re planning a wedding in Lake Como! As a destination wedding photographer whose captured weddings in Italy (and in Lake Como!), I can’t wait to share with you some of the best tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Among other things, I’ll explain the average cost of a wedding in Lake Como, wedding venues, and when the best time is to get married there.

Ruzin Cunningham Photos | Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Where is Lake Como Located?

Lake Como is located in Northern, Italy! A beautiful location near the Swiss border, with charming little towns and beautiful villas.

Check out this map that shows things to explore in Lake Como such as villas, beaches, landmarks, and even train and cable cars!

Why Get Married in Lake Como?

Lake Como offers so much when it comes to a wedding destination! There’s stunning views, beautiful villages and villas, the area is rich in culture, and Lake Como provides and overall romantic atmosphere for your special day! Check out some stunning views and locations on my “Sunrise Lake Como Engagement Photos In Italy” blog.

What is The Average Cost of a Wedding in Lake Como?

While I will give you a few numbers, the average cost of a wedding in Lake Como is going to vary greatly on what you want for your day. Is it an intimate wedding with just you and your partner? Or are you bringing guests? What venue are you choosing? These are just a few important questions to ask yourself as guests and venue choice can make all the different in pricing.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from 30,000 – 100,00. Again, this is just on average and these costs will vary greatly depending on what is important to you! Costs can be greatly reduced if you and your partner are coming alone or with only a handful of guests. Check out this “Como Wedding Budget Breakdown” from WEZOREE.

5 Beautiful Lake Como Wedding Venues to Consider

Lake Como is full of stunning venues and villas to consider for your big day day. There have also been many celebrity weddings here. From George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to John Krasinki and Emily Blunt. Check out this list of “9 Celebrities Who Said ‘I Do’ at Heavenly Lake Como“!

*Venue images are from each venues Google business profile.

Villa Balbiano – Estate Lake Como Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for a gorgeous estate venue in Lake Como, Villa Balbiano is a great choice. It sits on the western shore of Lake Como and offers a beautiful garden, swimming pool, private pier, and even a boathouse.

Inside you’ll find gorgeous 17th century frescoes, art collections, and 6 luxury suites!

Villa Balbiano - and Estate Lake Como wedding venue

Villa Pizzo – Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Villa

Looking for a dreamy lakeside villa? Villa Pizzo may just be what you’re looking for. Its within the Alps district and offers a gorgeous lakeside terrace on the waters and mountain views.

Not only is the outside absolutely stunning, but indoors you’ll find beautiful historic spaces rich in detailing.

Villa Pizzo - a Lakeside Lake Como wedding villa

Villa del Balbianello – Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Venues

Another gorgeous lakeside wedding venue is Villa del Balbianello.

They built this venue in the 18th century, and it has even been in movies such as James Bond and Star Wars. How cool, am I right? This villa sits lakeside on a peninsula and it truly is GORGEOUS and has terraced gardens.

Villa del Balbianello - Lakeside Lake Como wedding venue

Hotel Villa D’Este – Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Venues

Another lakeside venue that will take your breath away – Hotel Villa d’Este. This luxury hotel sits right on the water.

It has two luxury golf courses, an indoor spa, outdoor pool, 152 luxurious rooms, and so much more! The inside of this villa is absolutely stunning and you’ll be dreaming of coming back far after your wedding celebrations!

Hotel Villa D’Este - Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Venues

Mandarin Oriental Lake Como – Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Venues

Built in 2019, Mandarian Oriental is last but certainly not least. It offers more stunning views and such a romantic setting for a wedding.

If you’re looking for a modern wedding venue with Asian touches that doesn’t lack in beautiful architecture and views, this may be the venue for you!

Mandarin Oriental - Lakeside Lake Como Wedding Venues

What Are The Best Months to Get Married in Lake Como?

It is best to get married in Lake Como between May and September. Early spring or early fall may be your best bet if you want to beat the heat. If that doesn’t bother you, summer weddings are also beautiful in Lake Como.

What You’ll Need to Get Married in Lake Como

Getting married legally in Lake Como requires a little bit of paperwork. To make it easier on yourself, you could get married before coming to Italy and then having your celebration here. If you want to legally marry in Italy, you will need the things listed below.

*Note that these are just a few things you’ll need. Check out this article be WEZOREE with helpful information and a step-by-step guide: Getting Married in Como: A Legal Guide for International Couples

Requirements For Getting Married

  • Passports & birth certificates
  • If you’ve been married prior, you need a certificate of divorce or your former spouses death certificate
  • Act of Nulla Osta (proof that you’re allowed to marry)
  • Application to the Comune where you’ll want to get married.
Black and white photo of a couples sitting on the ground and holding hands in Italy

Fun Things to Do & See During Your Time in Italy

When it comes to Lake Como, there is SO MUCH to do, see, and experience. From boating, sightseeing, cooking classes, wine tasting, tours and more! You’ll find a few fun attractions and tours below to check out during your wedding in Lake Como. See these “Things to Do in Lake Como” by Trip Advisor to see more!

Wedding Planners to Consider For Your Wedding in Italy

While I’ve been to Italy and Lake Como specifically several times, it’s always a great idea to invest into a planner who has experience in planning weddings in Lake Como. It will alleviate so much stress to have someone who knows and has so much experience in planning a Lake Como wedding to be by your side! Here are a few wedding planners to consider for your special day.

The Lake Como Wedding Planner – This wedding planner has tons of experience and knowledge when it comes to planning a wedding here as they are based there. I certainly recommend looking into working with this team for your wedding planning!

My Lake Como Wedding Planner – Gemma has been in the game for 11 years and counting and has helped hundreds of couples plan their weddings in Lake Como. If you’re looking for a planner with great knowledge around Lake Como weddings, this is another planner I would recommend looking into!

Auroroa Fallini of Lake Como Wedding and Events – And last but certainly not least is another wedding planner who is also based in Lake Como. Aurora lives here with her husband and has a love for details and planning, and another planner I would connect with when planning your wedding there.

Lake Como Wedding Packages

Ready to book your wedding in Lake Como? I would LOVE to be your Lake Como wedding photographer! I love to travel and have captured several weddings and engagements in Italy and can’t wait to come back. Make sure to also check out my “How To Elope In Italy – Everything You Need To Know” for more information on getting married in Italy!

Feel free to learn more about me here. If I sound like the perfect Lake Como wedding photographer for you, then inquire with me! Until then, check out the blog where you’ll find more sessions, weddings, and resources and follow me over on Instagram to stay connected!

Xoxo,          Ruzin

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