Photo of the couple running at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia Georgia

Most Romantic Georgia Locations for Engagement Photography

July 26, 2019

Couple standing by a graffitti in downtown Atlanta

Outdoor Atlanta Locations

There are tons of beautiful Georgia locations for your engagement photos but here are some of my favorites as well as most popular locations that I tend to use in and around Atlanta for all my couple’s engagement photos.

1. Piedmont Park – Atlanta

Literally everyone in the Atlanta area wants a Piedmont Park Engagement Session. This is like the number 1 Atlanta location for ALL engagement photographers in the state of Georgia or for any kind of session. Hence, there will always be 10 other photographers there during your shoot no matter when you go. But because of all its various scenic areas, this place is great to get variety of photos without going to several different places. I always steer people in a different direction though because of how crowded it is always is.

Silhouette of a couple walking at sunrise in Piedmont park Atlanta
Photo of a couple standing next to each other and looking in the opposite direction

Pro Tip: Go at sunrise to avoid people in your photos as well as get the perfect light and even fog sometimes during winter. Also, there is a farmer’s market that comes there once a month. If you are a farmer’s market kind of couple, be sure to grab some shots here or eat at one of our awesome local food trucks.

Couple at the farmer's market kissing

2. Green Meadows Preserve – Marietta

This is a park with running trails all around but also has a patch of tall grass that’s rarely ever mowed. The tall grass at sunset makes for some amazing photos. The sunset here is absolutely stunning. If you want to, you can even bring a picnic and make a super cute themed session. This is technically not one of Atlanta locations for an engagement but slightly outside of the city.

Couple smiling and looking at each other and walking in the field at sunset at Green meadows preserve in Marietta, Georgia
Close up photo of the couple smiling and almost kissing taken at Green meadows preserve in Marietta georgia

Pro Tip: Watch out for the poison ivy in some spots as well as bugs and spiders in summer! Also bring a blanket if you plan on sitting so the grass doesn’t poke you.

Photo of the guy picking the girl up on his shoulder and spinning her with sunset light shining in her hair

3. Berry College – Rome

Looking for some open landscape as well as some gorgeous old architecture all in one place then this is a place for you. Berry College has a 27000 acre campus with beautiful views everywhere you turn and an absolutely stunning location for engagement photos.

photo of the couple smiling and looking at each other taken at Berry College in Rome Georgia

Pro Tip: Best time to go would be between Spring to October so you can take full advantage of the tree line while it’s bloomed.

4. Beach

If you don’t want to drive to Florida or North Carolina for beach engagement photos, we still have Savannah but you can also go to one of the local ones like Lake Lanier or Acworth Beach. You can have gorgeous sunset photos at the beach and then afterwards change into your swimsuit to jump in the water for some super fun photos if that’s your personality.

Photo of the couple sitting on the rocks at the beach with the water splashing on the rocks.
photo of the couple in swimsuit playing in the ocean at the beach taken in acworth gerogia

Pro Tip: Wear a super flowy dress so that you can have some gorgeous movement photos with your dress flowing against the ocean breeze.

Adventurous Georgia Locations

Are you an adventurous soul? Do you crave a little bit adventure even in your engagement photos then here are some places that will give you the feel without making you too terribly sweaty. Unless you want to hike a mountain, then heck yes! DO IT! But these are just some favorites with short hikes.

Photo os the couple looking at each other taken at the Glamis sand dunes in California

1. Toccoa Falls – Toccoa

Who doesn’t love waterfalls right? I absolutely love the haze that falling water particles provide in my pictures and I especially love Toccoa Falls because there is NEVER any sun there to get in my photos. It is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College and is a very short like 3 minutes flat surface hike to the actual falls. The water is a about 6 ish feet deep towards the falls and so if you plan on getting in the water for some photos, you totally can!! This Toccoa Fall Engagement Session is one of my absolute favs.

Photo of the couple looking at the each other standing in front of a waterfall taken at Toccoa falls in georgia
photo of the couple laughing and hugging under the waterfall at Toccoa falls in Georgia

Pro Tip: The falls now close at 5 PM so plan to go before that. You would go all the way to the back to the white building and enter through the store. Also watch out for snakes during summer.

black and white photo of the guy twirling the girl taken under the waterfall taken at Toccoa falls in Georgia

2. Arabia Mountain – Lithonia

If you want a mountain feel with not too terrible of a hike then Arabia Mountain is the place to be. It’s a very easy few minutes hike to the mountain part. You can see various plants and colorful vegetation here in the fall and if you go early morning in winter, there is a gorgeous fog that surrounds the place and it even has a beautiful sunrise and sunset!

photo of the couple running and laughing at Arabia Mountain georgia
couple sitting and laughing taken at Arabia Mountain in georgia

Pro tip: Park at the wildlife center and go from there. The GPS will take you to another parking lot if you put Arabia Mountain in it. From that parking lot and the white barn is on your right, the wildlife center is to the left if you keep driving about a mile or two. There is no cell phone network there until you get to the top of the mountain so communicate with whoever you need to before you turn on Klondike road.

Tip 2: If you plan to shoot at the barn, you need to take permission of the owner prior to the shoot since it’s private property and now closed off to outsiders.

3. Cloudland Canyon – Rising Fawn

If you don’t mind a little bit of a hike and by little I mean about a 100 steps or so to get to the actual waterfall then you will love it here. Me personally, I love it but I don’t love the steps climbing lol Not only does it have gorgeous views of the Canyon but also few waterfalls that you can shoot at. The first one called the Cherokee Falls is the quickest one to get to. I believe it’s a 2 mile hike round trip and those stairs are a workout but once you get there, it’s so worth all the effort. Going down is not bad at all, it’s coming back up is what takes the most out of you. You will find that not a lot of people do Cloudland Canyon Engagement photos because I assume of how much you have to hike back up.

Couple standing in water and holding hands under the waterfall taken at Cloundland canyon in rising fawn georgia
Couple holding hands and kissing taken at cloudland canyon in north georgia

Pro Tip: Be sure to take most of your photos before you head back up because the hike back up will definitely make you sweaty. There is a hidden rock “lookout point” on the trail before you get to the stairs. I highly recommend you get to it and take some pictures over looking the stunning mountains. Also, be on the lookout on where you step because of the snakes.

Photo of the couple holding hands and running in a field taken at Cloudland Canyon in North Georgia

4. Sawnee Mountain – Cumming

I love this place, the view from the top at the look out point is stunning. What I don’t like is the hike you have to take JUST to get to the look out point and there also isn’t a ton of variety up there. The place to hang out is also not very big and covered with rocks but if you don’t mind all that and really want that gorgeous view, then definitely make your way up there. In either case, I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Landscape photo of the scenery at Sawnee Mountain in Georgia
Photo of the couple hugging taken at the mountain top at Sawnee mountain in Georgia

Other adventurous places that you can also wander to are Providence Canyon, Amicoala Falls, Stone Mountain.

Photo of the couple hugging taken at Sawnee mountain in Georgia

Urban Georgia Location

If you love the city feel in your photos and want a lot of industrial gorgeousness with pops of color, then I highly suggest you go to one of these beautiful places in the city. Take a stroll through them and stop at various murals because our city is known for many beautiful ones.

Photo of the couple holding hands, looking at each other and walking taken at a parking lot in Atlanta Georgia

1. Marietta Square

Downtown Marietta has seriously some of the cutest nooks and beautiful murals everywhere you turn. You can start at one street and walk two blocks and I guarantee you, you will find 10 places to take pictures. And if afterwards you still want some nature shots, head over to Kennesaw Mountain and frolic a little bit in the field.

Photo of couple with their heads together and smiling taken in downtown marietta

Pro Tip: If you want to take full advantage of most of the cute spots, aim to take your photos at sunrise or close to sunset so that there won’t be sun everywhere in your photos or too many people.

photo of the girl sitting on the guys shoulder and laughing taken in downtown marietta

2. Downtown Atlanta

Taking your engagement photos in downtown Atlanta can have it’s own charm. While there will be people in your shots, there are also places and streets that can be secluded and buildings that provide a cool industrial charm and a unique look to your photos. You can even go down to a Marta Station for some unique portraits on the station and maybe even hop on it to go one stop and back to take some train photos.

photo of the couple kissing, standing in front of the train taken at marta station in atlanta georgia
photo of a couple holding hands and running in the rain taken in downtown atlanta

3. Atlanta Rooftops

If you don’t like the hustle and bustle but yet want the urban look, you may opt for one of the roof tops of the many parking decks in Atlanta that can provide a view of the amazing skyline as well as the ferris wheel. Another one of the amazing locations that provides a great view of the skyline even at night is the rooftop of Ventanas. Do keep in mind that Ventanas charge a fee to utilize their place for photo sessions but the view from their helipad is truly one of the BEST! Me personally, I love me some Atlanta rooftop engagement photo sessions because you can see all the skyscrapers and the skyline. I am unnecessarily obsessed with skylines. lol

photo of the couple hugging and kissing taken at a rooftop in downtown atlanta
photo of the girl giving her girlfriend a piggyback ride taken at the rooftop in Atlanta

You can also stroll through beltline and Krog street and stop to take photos are various murals. Another place in Atlanta with beautiful architecture is Agnes Scott College. The college is mostly empty in the evening and you will be able to freely pose outside any of their gorgeous buildings without tons of people getting in your photos. And if you are a Potterhead, you can even have your wedding at Agnes Scott. Their dining hall which is used for reception kinda resembles The Great Hall.

photo of the couple sitting on the stairs and laughing taken at Agnes Scott college in Atlanta


Looking for something non-traditional and super fun that’s unique to you guys, how about do your photos at one of these places below or a lifestyle session doing something you both enjoy doing together such a baking, painting etc

photo of the couple sitting on the floor and hugging taken at an airbnb in atlanta

1. Fair:

Head on over to the county fair and grab some cotton candy and get cute. You can take pictures riding rides, sharing an ice cream or playing games.

photo of the couple hugging and laughing taken at a fair in cumming georgia
photo of the couple holding hands, laughing and walking taken at the fair in Georgia

Pro Tip: Go on a weekday and early as soon as it open to avoid the crowd.

2. Varsity or any other local fast food places:

Love food and have a favorite fast food place that you go to regularly? Why not incorporate that in your engagement photos? One of the restaurants that an iconic Atlanta place is The Varsity. Share a hot dog and take a pic! Other similar places you can go to are Chickfila, KFC or even head to Target!

funny photo of the couple sharing their soft drinks taken at the Varsity restaurant in Atlanta Georgia
photo of the couple sitting on the ground with the guy kissing the girl cheek and the girl smiling taken in front of the varsity restaurant in Atlanta georgia

3. Local Airbnbs:

Want to have a lifestyle session but don’t want to do it at your own house? Get on airbnb. There are tons of adorable places on there that can be rented for your photo session. Think about how cute it would be to do a Vintage Airstream Engagement Shoot..Adorable right?? Just make sure to clear with the host that you will be taking pictures. Most don’t mind but it’s nice to let them know. You can get really creative with these sessions and include some of your hobbies into the photos such as baking, playing video games. You get the idea! Check out this super adorable baking engagement session we recently shot!

photo of the couple sitting at a couch and hugging taken at a vintage airstream in downtown atlanta

Here is a post I made about some super cute airbnbs in the Atlanta area which would be perfect for in-home lifestyle type sessions if you didn’t want to use your own home. I know I wouldn’t want to clean my entire house before pictures lol

photo of the couple with tattoos sitting on the floor with the girl's back against the guy taken at an airbnb in atlanta

Other fun places you can also use are arcades, mini golf, or our very own Oakland Cemetery if you are into that kind of stuff!

photo of the couple taken at oakland cemetery at sunrise in atlanta

There are so many amazing places in Georgia even in North Carolina as you drive towards Asheville that are absolutely beautiful and picture perfect for engagement photos and if I sit here and list them all, this blog may never end lol. But these are my favorite and most visited. I am all about out of the box ideas and so I will attempt to use places others haven’t. I suggest get really creative and personal with your photos and put your own personal touch into them. Relax and have fun and maybe even grab a drink beforehand if you are the kind of person who stresses before big things, I know I do!

Xoxo,          Ruzin

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